Saturday, July 11, 2009

"School Of Tomorrow" (Pinang ACE Home School) open up its doors to Recess Revo!

We want to praise God for another private school ‘School Of Tomorrow’ (Pinang ACE Home School) opening up its doors to Recess Revo. I sincerely thank Daniel Yee for inviting us to share about Recess Revo in his school.

We had about 21 students who attended the talk. Me and Darren shared to all of them on Recess Revo. We praise God that many of the students were very excited about it and the feedback was they see it as a good tool to speak out to their non-Christian friends. It was also a good opportunity to meet up with some youths that Darren and I are acquainted with.

After the whole presentation was over, I prayed for them that God will use them mightily to share God’s Love & Word to their friends. They have decided to do carry out Recess Revo every Monday beginning from next week. I give all glory to Jesus for this school which has signed up for Recess Revo. Praise God!

Event date: Wednesday, July 08, 2009

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